Dalat Excursion

Dalat is situated in the South Central Highlands of Vietnam. Excursions in Dalat are among the best things to do while on tours to Dalat.

Dalat Excursion
Some of the popular places that are ideal for going on Excursions in Dalat include:-

  • Dalat Ferry Rock and Mount Elephant
  • Pinhatt Mount – Elephant Mount
  • Langbian Trekking
  • The Rolling Hills
  • Jungle Pathfinder

Going on Dalat Excursion allows the tourists to enjoy the beautiful view of Tuyen Lam Lake. The weather here is very pleasant and soothing. You will feel quite relaxed and comfortable. You can then move on to the Fairy Rock. You can easily take a boat from the Tuyen Lam Lake and reach the outstanding Rock. If you want to make your excursion a little more adventurous you can even go for a walk in the forest. After climbing the Fairy Rock is over, you can enjoy a trip on an elephant ride.

Dalat Excursion

Another place worth going on Excursions in Dalat is the Pinhatt Mount – Elephant Mount. It is a perfect place for people who love trekking. You can start your trekking through the tribal minority villages and farms and also the Pine Forest. You can continue with your adventurous activity through the forest paths until you reach the bottom of the Pinhatt Mount. After you have reached the Pinhatt Mount, you can climb to the top of Pinhatt. It takes around 45 minutes to reach the summit of Pinhatt. This trekking part is really exciting as well as thrilling. While coming down from the Pinhatt Mountain, the change in the local vegetation will surely catch your attention. You will find that the valley is no more a Pine Forest but has turned into a thick forest. Vietnam is well-known for this dense forest.

Dalat Excursion

On another day you can again start trekking from the Pine Forest. You will be able to see a number of plants. The pleasant, soothing breeze of the forest will make you feel quite relaxed. You can also take the opportunity of walking between the Elephant Mountain and other hilly areas.

Dalat Excursions also includes Langbian Trekking. It is one of the highest peaks in Dalat. You will enjoy trekking on the Langbian Mountain. While climbing, you will come across beautiful flora, woods and rain forest.

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