Dalat Wildlife

Wildlife in Dalat is very fascinating for any traveler who is a lover of nature. Among the fauna available, different varieties of birds are found in Dalat which can be seen in different national parks and reserves.

Dalat Wildlife

Dalat’s Mount Lang Bian, Tuyen Lam Lake, Nam Cat Tien, Bach Ma and Cuc Phuong National Parks, Xuanthuy Reserve and Tam Dao national parks are famous for migratory and different species of birds.

Dalat has a more or less a hot and moist climate. Due to this climate it has become the home of many wild animals such as elephants, bears, tigers and leopards. Smaller animals like monkeys and squirrels can also be found in Dalat but in lesser numbers. Members from the reptile family such as crocodiles, snakes and lizards can also be found to prosper in these conditions.

Dalat Wildlife

The forests of Dalat are usually very dense in nature and are home to the large mammals. A broad range of evergreen forests can be found in this place in addition to the indigenous rain forests. Some times de-forestation does occur but not as frequently as it happens in South Asian countries. Many forests were cleared during the Vietnam War but later on processes for the revival of plant life started.

Wildlife poaching has been a big problem in recent times. It has been observed that about 40 bird species are facing extinction in recent times due to poaching. Besides birds, the existence of bears is also threatened. Besides bears and birds, elephants are also facing extinction. There are few elephants (around 100 in Vietnam) in Dalat.

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