Dalat – A day on the green

Dalat is a village in a mountainous region that is a lot cooler than Ho Chi Minh City! It was so nice to have some respite from the heat.

Dalat - A day on the green

Our first day in Dalat Mark went and played golf at the country club. He thinks it is a nice golf course, but nothing in comparison to Koh Samui. Still hitting the ball quite well, even though the clubs he hired were crappy. As he was playing, some really dark storm clouds started rolling in but thankfully he managed to miss the rain.

I spent most of the morning in bed snoozing (wasn’t feeling so good with a dodgy tummy), then took a pretty long walk around town. Not a lot to see in town, just a whole heap of motorcycle mechanic places (yay) and hostels. I guess people go there to take day trips out into the mountains. We decided not to take the day trips as we were going to Nha Trang anyway, which is right through the mountains.

Dalat - A day on the green

We left Dalat for Nha Trang at 10am for the 4 hour minibus journey. The minibus was a 16 seater and was pretty comfortable. Everytime it turned a corner on the very windy road there was another spectacular view. The scenery on the journey was pretty breathtaking. Unfortunately, the row of people in front of us (row of 4 people) all got quite car sick (not even an hour into the journey!). After a quick pit stop to have a wee and fix the mini bus engine with some packing tape, we all piled back in the bus for the final hour of travelling.

Dalat - A day on the green

Arrived in Nha Trang around 2pm. Jumped on a motorbike which proceeded to drop us off in the wrong spot (at some hotel where the drivers must get commission), so we had to traipse up the road a couple of kilometers to our correct destination. It was all worth it though, because the hotel we managed to score had a spectacular balcony with sea views and a cool breeze. We didn’t do that much in Nha Trang as we had to get out of bed at 5am to get our flight to Danang.

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