Run to the Dalat hill

We set off from Mui Ne in our tiny little minibus and set course for Dalat, an old french colonial hill station up in the central highlands of Vietnam.

Run to the Dalat hill

The scenery was amazing as we started to head away from the coast and into the hills. After about 2 hours or so of windy cross country roads we finally hit a straight, paved stretch of road and a huge rainstorm. This did little to dampen the bus driver’s spirits though as he vented his apparent frustration and set about trying to break the land speed record in the torrential rain. The final hour of the trip was supposed to be the most spectacular in terms of scenery but we saw very little of it while our heads were bowed, hanging on for dear life and hoping that this was not the end of it all.

Run to the Dalat hill

Dalat is a nice little town but because the weather was bad we werent quite confident enough to hit the open road on motorbikes to see the waterfalls and mountain scenery which are undoubtedly Dalat’s biggest attractions.

We basically spent a day and a half wandering about doing very little and counting down the hours and eating good hearty mountain food until our bus left for the coast again. We were gutted that the weather was against us but that happens sometimes when you are travelling.

Alandjoan (From United Kingdom)

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