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Dalat’s wild sightseeing spots Dalat Blogs

Dalat’s wild sightseeing spots

From Dalat railway station, tourists can rent a motorbike to head to Cau Dat which is known for having the best Arabica coffee in Vietnam. Upon arrival, one can see a signboard instructing the way to Hang Cop. The cave was put into operation a long time ago but then fell into oblivion. Local people [...] Read more >>
Flower Festival Dalat 5th 2013 Dalat Blogs

Flower Festival Dalat 5th 2013

Dalat Flower Festival 5th is one of the traditional programs which create the brandname of Dalat – little Europe in Vietnam. This festival is promising in attracting visitors to Dalat. At the end of this Decemer, Lam Dong will be holding 3 big events: National Tourism Year of Central Highland – Dalat 2014, 120 years [...] Read more >>
Crazy House Hotels in Dalat Dalat Blogs

Crazy House Hotels in Dalat

Dalat city of Lam Dong highland province is not only famous for hills, pine trees, waterfalls, it is also famous for the villas and other unique stuffs. The official name of the house hotel inside the city of Dalat is Hang Nga Guesthouse and gallery, but all locals refer to it as the crazy house. [...] Read more >>
Dalat Hill Town Dalat Blogs

Dalat Hill Town

We departed from Nha Trang at 7:30am for the 6 hour bus ride to Dalat, which is a town in the central highlands area of Vietnam. The area is up in the hills and is a bit cooler than along the beaches, but we still had our hats and gloves from Sapa, so we were [...] Read more >>
Discover Dalat  Dalat Blogs

Discover Dalat

I think maybe because Dalat is in the mountains that we could go hiking in the mountains…like in Sapa…but Dalat is on top of the mountain so there were only literally hills around the town! Got the bus to Dalat this morning. There was not enough space underneath this (yet again) bockity bus so it [...] Read more >>
Dalat train station Dalat Blogs

Dalat train station

Dalat train station was built in 1932 and was disused after the Vietnam war when the railway line was heavily bombarded by the Viet Cong. I imagined many French holiday makers making good use of the train station when it was operating. Now it serves as a short 7km journey for tourists to Trai Mat [...] Read more >>
In the Dalat highlands Dalat Blogs

In the Dalat highlands

Dalat, a highland city about 257 km in from the coast, reminded us of Toowoomba. It has the cooler temperatures and the red rich soil that has made the area a huge production area for coffee, vegetables and flowers. This town was also at one time the town where the French escaped the sweltering summer [...] Read more >>
Run to the Dalat hill Dalat Blogs

Run to the Dalat hill

We set off from Mui Ne in our tiny little minibus and set course for Dalat, an old french colonial hill station up in the central highlands of Vietnam. The scenery was amazing as we started to head away from the coast and into the hills. After about 2 hours or so of windy cross [...] Read more >>
Dalat - A day on the green Dalat Blogs

Dalat – A day on the green

Dalat is a village in a mountainous region that is a lot cooler than Ho Chi Minh City! It was so nice to have some respite from the heat. Our first day in Dalat Mark went and played golf at the country club. He thinks it is a nice golf course, but nothing in comparison [...] Read more >>
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