Inside Valley of Love in Dalat Destinations

Inside Valley of Love in Dalat

The plateau on which Dalat city is located was discovered by French bacteriologist Alexandre Yersin and was mapped in 1893. In the middle of the 1910s, the urban area of Dalat was formed and gradually became a resort center for French governmental officials and rich French people in Indochina. Of all well-known tourist attractions in [...] Read more >>
Elephant Waterfall Destinations

Elephant Waterfall

The waterfall lies between 2 hills which have the shapes of 2 elephants kneeling and it is like a cave with house, coffee plantations around, below the waterfall there is a small lake made by water flowing for a long time, beside the lake there is a big block of stone that look like a [...] Read more >>
Datanla Waterfall Destinations

Datanla Waterfall

According to a legend of the minorities, Datanla was the place where the brave man K’Lang and the mountainous lady Ho Biang met each other. Here the man had a fight with fierce wild animals including snakes, 7 wolves and 2 foxes. This legend wrote: “trees are blown down, wind roars, the fight is absolutely [...] Read more >>
Ngoan Muc Pass Destinations

Ngoan Muc Pass

If you arrive in Dalat fron Nha Trang, you will have to cross Ngoan Muc Pass to enter the town. Ngoan Muc is a Vietnamese translation of the French name “Belle Vue” which was given to the pass after Dr.A.Yersin firdt discovered Lang Bian  Highlands. On a clear day you can see all the way [...] Read more >>
Dalat Railway Station Destinations

Dalat Railway Station

Plans to build the Da Lat Railway Station were laid tabled at the turn of 20th century but construction did not commence until 1932. Dalat Railway Station was one of the finest feats of colonial engineering in Vietnam. In the early 20th century, Paul Doumer, the French Governor-General of Indochina from 1897 to 1902, approved [...] Read more >>
Langbian Highland Destinations

Langbian Highland

From the entrance to Da Lat City, visitors can see two high mounts with sharp, harmonious and proportioned outline eminent in the blue sky. These are the two highest mounts of Lang Bian Highland at the height of 2.167 meters. Lang Bian Mountains is located in Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province; 12km north of [...] Read more >>
Cam Ly Waterfall Destinations

Cam Ly Waterfall

This waterfall is located only three kilometers from the center of Dalat. Cam Ly is a variant of ‘K’Mly’, name of a tribal chief of K’ho clan. After his death, the clan names this place after him to note down his merits. The name ‘Cam Ly’ sounded so nice in Vietnamese that Mr.Cunhac mistook it [...] Read more >>
Than Tho Lake Destinations

Than Tho Lake

Lake of Sorrow is located approximately 5 km northeast of Dalat city. This is a nature lake in a silent hill. In the past, there was a small pond in this area that had been called Torô Pang Dong. In 1917, French built a dam here to make a lake reserving water for Dalat. They [...] Read more >>
Tuyen Lam Lake Destinations

Tuyen Lam Lake

Located five kilometers south of Dalat, Tuyen Lam is the largest lake of the town. Its water surface area is 350 ha, but the entire site occupies an area of 1,406 ha. Going alongside National Road 20 to Prenn Pass, just past Datanla Waterfall. Tourists turn left, go about 2 km into the rolling pine [...] Read more >>
Love Valley Destinations

Love Valley

The pine forests and romantic quality of  Da Thien lake make Love Valley (Thung Lũng Tình Yêu) an appealing spot for tourists. Love Valley is large, covering an area of 242 ha. The French used to call it ” Vallée d’Amour ” for its beauty. The Valley of Love is the Vietnam honeymoon destination. Couples [...] Read more >>
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